SCAN TO CAD Training Course


This extensive SCAN TO CAD Course covers the essential skills required to create the CAD DATA using Autodesk RECAP and Autodesk AutoCAD. Starting from utilizing point-clouds, RECAP tools, AutoCAD tools, identifying the information required, collaboration, model checker, DWG TRUE VIEW, and delivery of the project. SCAN TO CAD Course it is a process that takes you from the first steps of working with RECAP and AutoCAD.

Autodesk Certified Professional

2 Day Course

SCAN TO CAD Course Structure

Day 1

1.  Introduction to SCAN TO CAD Process

2. Autodesk ReCap Tools

3. Measurements

4. Working with Point-Clouds

5. Importing Point-Cloud into AutoCAD

6. Coordination and Set-Up for Point-Cloud

7. Requirements for Creating a New Project in AutoCAD

Day 2

8. Point-Cloud to 2D Plan and AutoCAD 

9. 2D Plan Measurements

10. Checking and Interrogating the Point Cloud

11.  Point Cloud to Facade

12. 2D Facade Measurements

13. Point Cloud to Sections and Elevations

14. Measurements for Sections and Elevations

15. Internal Checking Step

16. Generating a Quality Check System 

17. Varied Application of SCAN TO CAD

18. Import Export