How Can EDDBIM BIMON help with your BIM Success?

BIMON is a viable strategy, created to give you a concentrated plan  that allows you to adapt your internal needs and challenges through BIM.
Here at EDDBIM we are developing and sustaining the BIM Market with BIM Implementation, starting from the first stages of design and going through 7 steps of BIM.


1. Implementation

2. Process

3. Documentation

4. Standards

5. Management

6. Collaboration

7. Manufacturers

We offer a wide range of Autodesk Certified Trainings, BIM orientated but not limited to. 
To get you started, our standard Autodesk Certified Revit Trainings,  have a well defined structure to help you and your team achieve a solid foundation in the usage of Revit.
Choose from a variety of courses and all levels starting from beginner, intermediate, professional or customize it.
All Autodesk Revit / CAD Courses are taught using official Autodesk course roadmap support and models. 

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Our mission is to deliver 3D digitized buildings much efficient, quicker, optimizing cost, following a well defined BIM Process, globally.

Digitalization is starting with your .xyz Scanned File.

Every Project we are working on, it starts with a well defined BIM Strategy ,supported by a BEP and a BIM Process.

We are here to ensure you receive a consistently high service and quality solutions for your business needs. 

BIM for Manufacturers

Our objective is to help manufacturers  start thinking about BIM data strategy from a view point of internal benefits then external ones.

Start your BIM Library with us.

Create, develop, centralize and implement your BIM Libraries.
EDDBIM AND DIGITAL comes in your help with a variety of courses and services.

100% BIM

Our determination and experience is what drives us when working on a project



Autodesk Certified Professional

A well coordinated and managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of construction projects today,  faster delivery ,much accurate, and smaller costs.